Binary Options is a Scam ?

No, it is not. . Binary options brokers get their market quotes from renowned sources like Thomson Reuters, and can’t change the live quotes with a crafted algorithm. Even if it does, by comparing it with the MetaTrader4 data, for example, you could easily check the quotes.

Binary Options Scam MT4:

You can’t so easily influence the market, you need around $10,000, even for the least part, to influence the market and you can’t yet make enough profit on it. Furthermore, most binary options traders keep records of their transactions to control their actions, which is rarely done in online casinos.

Another point I want to make is that there are more than 10 binary options brokers working with thousands of traders over a year, regularly paying and still working with even highly profitable traders! Online casinos and bookmakers don’t like profitable customers and even lower payouts or find ways to block you from the Website.

Competitiveness among binary options brokers improves even further trade conditions–brokers try to pay a higher percentage as well as give their active traders more bonuses. Brokers also have a large annual turnover and therefore a profit, so all payouts do not have to concern them. OK! Are there binary options dealers that make a mistake, as they give their traders 90-99% profit, which means they earn about 10% of each transaction? This is not much, as every broker pays wages + office rent + platform fees for trading + advertising–10 percent of the total profit is not sufficient. Such brokers can not live for more than one year and are usually marked as pyramids or HYIPs–avoid them.

There are many debates on the Internet about whether or not binary options are a scam. Specifically, people want to know if you can use binary options to earn money or if there are certain products derived from online casinos and other scams, where the chances are almost 0 but the broker or organizer always wins. Scam or not–binary options? We’re going to try and figure out!

First of all, we’re going to analyze how casinos work. Please do not combine it with actual roulette games or black-jack games, played against dealers and luck by some in offline casinos like Gala, Grosvenor or Hippodrome. Some online casinos say that there is a programmed MD5 number generator that is not influenced by any online casino. Sadly, there is no evidence that online gambling facilities do not change their customers ‘ winning percentage. These generator numbers are all scrap and anyone playing a casino knows they have little chance of winning. Scientists have shown that you are more likely than to win the lottery to become president or die in the event of a plane crash (yes, people in the US stuck under it several times a year).

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